Best Place to Expand Your Business to Japanese Garden Market!

Gardening Market

Japanese gardening market is growing moderately. The market size will continue to be growing as the number of new young customers increased because of the demand by staying home during COVID-19 period, and the increasing collaboration with various industries, apparel, rental office, cafe, DIY site, etc.

B to B Trade Show for Professionals

Pot, Soil, Fertiliser, Gardening Tool, Hose, Garden Wear/Glove, Sprayer, Lawn Mower, Landscaping Tool, etc.

Plant, Potted Plant, Flower, Cut Flower, Air Plant, Ornamental Plant,  etc.

Gardening Ornament, Garden Stake, Interior Accessory, etc.

Soil, Fertiliser, Artificial Lawn, Biomas Pot, Recycle Material, etc.

Importers, Distributors, Mass Retailers, Garden Centre, Home Centres, Home Improvement Stores, DIY Stores, Department Stores, Flower Shops, Landscapers, etc.