Best Place to Expand Your Business to Japanese Outdoor Market!

Outdoor Market

The Japanese outdoor market has been expanding in recent years. It is expected to continue to grow with a number of new entrants from other industries. Exhibit GARDEX and expand your business into the Japanese market!

B to B Trade Show for Professionals

Skillet, Camping Pan, Knive, Gas Burner, Spice, Ready-to-eat Meal, Coffee/Tea, Alcohol, Soft Drink, etc.

Outdoor Jacket, Climbing Shoes, Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Glove, Rainwear, Bottle Holder, etc.

Tent, Grill & BBQ, Outdoor Wear, Leisure Seat, etc.

Importers, Distributors, Mass Retailers, Outdoor Shops, Home Centres, DIY Stores, Home Improvement Stores, Department Stores, Camping/glamping Operators, Hotels, Commercial Facilities, Sport Goods Shops, etc.